PKMN of the Week: Blitzle

Blitzle is a white-on-black zebra Pokémon, with thick, pointed white stripes on its neck, chest, back and hind legs. It has a large, rounded dark nose, and oval eyes with blue irises and yellow scleras. Blitzle possesses a spiked white mane, culminating at the front in a lightning-bolt-esque pointed extension; Blitzle also sports stubby, triangular dark ears with blue skin on the insides. Its hoofed legs are tipped with white, and its tail is stubby, white-colored and pointed.

Its mane can catch lightning and store the electricity from it. The mane lights up when Blitzle discharges electricity.

Blitzle will gather where thunderstorms are taking place in order to catch lightning and store the electricity in their manes. They communicate with each other by making their manes light up.