PotW: Wobbuffet

Hey, fellow Pokemon enthusiasts, and welcome to another exiting adventure through Pokemon mythos and origins in this week’s Pokemon of the Week article! Well, it may not be exiting, or an adventure, but I’m sure you’ll like it nonetheless.

This week’s spotlight will be on the incredibly formidable, but somewhat mysterious Pokemon from Generation 2, Wobbuffet. Now, let me lay down the basics with this monster.

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Pokemon Concept Corner: Leveling the Gen 5 Conflict, Part 1

Not so different, when you think about it.Welcome, dear readers, to the first in a brand-new series of articles. Here, we’ll be looking at concepts for Pokemon, asking questions about their designs, and learning about some of the surprising ideas behind some Pokemon. I’m IatosHaunted, and this is Concept Corner.
   Now, since Black and White came out in Japan, there’s been a lot of controversy and adversity towards a few of the new Pokemon. No, that’s not what this first article will be discussing. And this is not because I love all the new Pokemon(I just can’t get behind that stupid trash bag thing), but I want to save that for when Black and White come out in other areas of the world, so we all get to see more of the new creatures. Despite that, today’s article does involve bizarre, obscure, and bluntly stupid Pokemon designs. But the Pokemon we’ll be looking at are from the first three generations of Pokemon, because really, strange concepts in Pokemon are nothing new. There are just more of them this time around.
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