AOTW: Liquid Ooze

You know what one of my favorite moves is? Well, yeah, Thunderbolt. But I’m not talking abou- okay, yeah, Ice Beam is pretty sweet t- yes, we all love Toxic, I kno- who just said Sand Attack? Really? Shut up. I’m talking about Leech Seed. 90% accuracy and you get to steal 1/16th of your opponent’s HP each turn. And if you have a Big Root attached, you steal even more HP! Now, I bet your asking, “Wil, why are you writing Aaron’s column?” I like to build you up, buttercup. Leech Seed and all the other HP-draining moves are great, but what if your opponent has an ace up their sleeve that would cause it to backfire? We have just that today. This is Ability of the Week: Liquid Ooze!
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