AOTW: Stench

Ugh… Things are getting mighty rancid-smelling ‘round the Pokémon Podcast Incidentally, if have trouble scrolling through this article, try plugging your mouse into USB port 2.HQ nowadays. I for one put far too much sweet basil in my spaghetti sauce tonight. Tytan went on a garlic-eating binge. Steve took Sarah and Kidd to Taco Bell and all hell broke loose after the fact. But the worst… nobody told (lactose intolerant) Travis that that wasn’t a soy milk milkshake. Women and children fled in terror, grown men wept openly, and the Ninja Turtles were forced to evacuate the sewers. All in all, you guys might want to do your best Psycho Mantis impressions and strap on a gas mask good and tight, because this is Ability of the Week: Stench!

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