AOTW: Motor Drive

Goooood morning, pokefans! It’s Friday once again, so it’s time to discuss another one of those profuse passive pokemon powers, a new featured Ability! I love Electric type pokemon, despite their obvious Achilles ’ heel of low HP and defense stats, there’s something inherently cool about what are usually small, fragile creatures housing such volumes of voltage. Electric types have always been included on my team in past incarnations of the franchise we all love, whether it's the recognizable mugs of Pikachu and his evolutionary line, the speedy and spiky Jolteon, or the cool and powerful Luxray. The most recent in the string of Electric monsters I’ve employed in my party is the grossly popular evolution of the first generation classic monster, Electivire, who appears in both Featured Teams that will be discussed in episode 27 of It’s Super Effective. And this Electric titan of a pokemon brings his own unique Ability to the table; this is Ability of the Week: Motor Drive!
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