AOTW: Magic Bounce

Hello there, welcome to Abiliteers Annoymous. I’m Wil, and I’m an Abiliteer. “Hiiii, Wiiiil”. I thought I had kicked using pokémon Abilities, but the sheer usefulness of having a passive perk that compliments my pixilated cockfighter is just too great to pass up. Some people though, rely on silly things like moves and items to win matches. Maybe they like to build defense up with Iron Defense, or give their pokémon fancy pants scarves or some silliness to power up their attacks. The most obnoxious of these, dear friends, that you may run across are people who delight in simply diminishing the odds for your digital soldiers of pokéfortune. These are the people that give their Steelix Screech, or their Blastoise Toxic, perhaps their Ferrothorn Spikes, or any of the hundreds of pokémon that can learn it, the dreaded Sand Attack. These trainers are the most persistent kind of annoying, and the fun of the game for them is taking your fun away from you. But fear not, friends. We can defeat them. We have the technology. We have Ability of the Week: Magic Bounce!

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