AOTW Rapid-Fire!! Poison Touch, Forewarn, and Keen Eye

Here we go again, kids. It’s high time I got through another trio of Abilities for your weekly pokémon edutainment.

…A brief pause here to acknowledge the hilarious fact that Microsoft Word has not attempted to correct the word “edutainment”. The sheer number of made-up words I’ve invented for this article, and I can get away with “edutainment” scot-free. I suppose I have PBS to thank for this. Thanks, Fred Rogers, you’re missed.

Anyhoo. Let’s get this thing started. Put on your Abiliteer caps, boys and girls! This is Ability of the Week: Rapid-Fire!! Poison Touch, Forewarn, and Keen Eye!

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Sunday Sketch

Hey guys, IatosHaunted here. A couple people in Poketalk were asking about the lack of Saturday Sketch(which is how I realized there wasn't one yet), so I decided to throw something out here. Steve's really busy with other site stuff, along with life and work, so don't freak out at him.

Anyway, this beauty is by ShoelessCosmonaut, one of my newer favorite Pokemon artists. And if you couldn't figure it out, the middle Pokemon is a Hitmonchan. Awesome interpertation!