AOTW: Snow Cloak and Sand Veil

Weather effects were an insane addition to the Pokémon franchise back in 2000 (1999 for Japanese players- jerks) with the release of Gold and Silver Versions. Weather conditions debuted with three possible effects as we took our first excursion through the Johto region: intense sunlight, sudden downpours, and damaging sandstorms. In generation three, hailstorms became a possibility, and we would find our paths obscured with fog in generation four. The most obvious uses for weather involved improving moves like Solar Beam and Thunder, but of course, Abilities that generated and took advantage of the weather were sure to follow. We already discussed Dry Skin a few weeks ago, and this week it’s a twofer! Get your Mamoswines and Garchomps out, because this is Ability of the Week: Snow Cloak AND Sand Veil!
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