AOTW Rapid-Fire!!: Scrappy, Adaptability, and White Smoke/Clear Body

LAST TIME, on Ability of the Week!

Just a short one this week, but with such a straightforward set of Abilities, it’s a little tough to stretch that into a decent-length article. Should probably come up with something to fix that problem… See you next week, pokémaniacs…

Well trainers, I’m back this week, and contrary to the date, I’d call it a pretty lucky day. The best solution to a problem is often the simplest one, and I’ve devised a simple solution to the short article conundrum. This week I’m introducing a sub-section of my article for your reading pleasure. Every so often, I’ll line up a few easy-to-understand straightforward Abilities and shoot ‘em on down in one go! Hit that jump, and settle in for the debut of Ability of the Week Rapid-Fire! This is Scrappy, Adaptability, and White Smoke AND Clear Body!

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