Rare Article: Revisiting Gen III: Part One

As those of you who have been listening to It's Super Effective for the duration of my tenure there know, Gen III is my least favorite generation. I've never liked the region, I thought the Pokémon designs were lackluster, and I thought it did away with a lot of advancements introduced in Gen II.

But a lot of you list Gen III as your favorite, so I decided that I'd give it another chance by making Sapphire the version on which I will perform my first Nuzlocke Challenge (For those unfamiliar, Nuzlocke is simply a way to make Pokémon games more challenging.) I'm going to write about what my second impressions of Gen III are so far, and one more time once I have completed the game. For an idea of where I am, I have three badges and I am in Fallarbor Town.
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PKMN of the Week: Huntail

Huntail normally attacks with its powerful jaws. Huntail has a strong and sturdy spine which helps it to survive the high levels of water pressure of the depth of the sea where it lives. It also has powerful eyesight.

Like most fully evolved Pokémon, Huntail can learn Hyper Beam and Giga Impact.

Huntail are violent by nature. They use the lure on their tail to attract smaller fish, then attack with their long teeth and swallow the prey whole.


  • Huntail's tail resembles Gorebyss, Clamperl's other evolved form, the same way that Gorebyss's tail resembles Huntail.