AOTW Rapid-Fire!! Own Tempo, Insomnia, and Color Change


It’s one day away, Abiliteers! PKMNcast’s charity art event 649 Monsters begins tomorrow at 6PM Central in Milwaukee, WI. And me? Yeah, I’m stoked. 649 represents a fantastic collision between my greatest passion and one of my favorite hobbies: art and Pokémon. And in that spirit, I’m gearing up for the show by celebrating the union the best way I can- by waxing intellectual about some art-themed Abilities. Grab up a sketch pad and settle in. This is an Ability of the Week Rapid-Fire!! Own Tempo, Insomnia, and Color Change!

To start this thing off, I should mention that I’ll have a co-host for this art-centric Rapid-Fire. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Art Student Owl. (Fair warning, non-family friendly language in them thar internets.) Art Student Owl will be introducing all my topics this week with his meme-based anecdotes, so let’s get this thing going!


I love Art Student Owl sometimes, because I appreciate the vast majority of them having lived the events. It’s really a “funny because it’s true” kind of meme. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cast about for inspiration only to turn to friends. And then utterly ignore all of their advice. Sometimes, trainers, you just have to march to the beat of your very own drum…

Own Tempo

Okay, full disclosure. Own Tempo isn’t exactly an art-based Ability, but it does relate to an art-themed Pokémon. Okay, the art-themed Pokémon. Amongst others, Smeargle is a user of Own Tempo. Of the other sixteen pokémon with Own Tempo are included Spinda, Slowbro and Slowking, Ludicolo, and Lickilicky. The effect of this Ability is to grant the user an immunity to confusion, even if it would be self-inflicted with a move like Outrage. Own Tempo can also be Skill Swapped or Traced, immediately curing the user of a pre-existing confusion condition!


I think most artists are not morning people. I know that I often succumb to the old saying “the best laid plans of mice and men” when planning to get artwork done in the morning. Even if I do get up early, I always wind up not getting started in earnest until at least noon. And it’s true of most of my artistic brethren, the best work happens in a caffeine-fueled haze at 2:30 in the morning…


Apparently, art-related Abilities all have to do with preventing things, because Insomnia is the next item on the docket for today. As the name suggests, Insomnia prevents your pokémon from falling asleep. This has the potential to be a bit of a double-edged sword, because while you’re prevented from falling prey to Dream Eater or Nightmare, you’re also unable to take advantage of Rest. That probably won’t come up too much, because with the likes of Honchkrow, Ariados and Hypno on the insomniac list, you won’t be doing too much walling or stalling. I’d be remiss to not also mention that Banette has access to Insomnia, and as a Ghost-type, would normally have quite a bit to fear from a move like Dream Eater. Just food for thought. Sorry, this is a artist-themed article. Ramen noodles for thought.


C’mon, now, Art Student Owl! “Normal” is just a state of mind! And it makes you weak against Fighting-types! It is true though, that artists can be an eccentric bunch. A lot of us love making ourselves look “unusual”. Hell, if I could get away with it at my day job, I’d be rocking some blue in my hair TODAY. I had a friend once go green, literally, for a few weeks, just as a conversation-starter. A lot of people, not just artists, will go for an excessive amount of tattoos or piercings, but I’m a fan of the hair dye simply due to the fact that it’s not permanent, and you can always change it…

Color Change

This sucker is the signature Ability of the chameleon pokémon Kecleon. The little lizard doesn’t quite have the stats to hold its own in a competitive battle, but its Ability’s gimmick sure is fun! Kecleon’s Color Change works like a sort of type-camouflage, and it could be used to force an opponent with too monochromatic a move pool on their pokémon to play a big switching game. When Kecleon takes damage from any attack, its type will change to match the element of that attack. This particularly plays into Kecleon’s favor when battling a pokémon with a lot similarly typed of Special Attacks, as its Special Defense is its best stat.

Well folks, that about does it! Unless you have anything to add, Art Student Ow- …WHAT? Art Student Owl is evolving!


Oh GOD. What hath science wrought!?