Saturday Sketch


This artwork was made by *Stelera

It is called “Fireworks in Alamos”


If you have ever watched the anime, during the times when they did contests, they combined their Pokémon’s moves together to make cool looking move display to impress the Judges.


That is what this art is trying to show, different Pokémon combining their abilities and moves.



First up we have a Flareon that uses “Will-o-Wisp and Lava Plume” together to make a “firework” effect!


For the second Pokémon, I am unsure on which Electric Pokémon it could be,  the Pokémon has “prickly fur” from what the artist says in their description.

But this Pokémon Launches itself into the air and uses “Magnet Rise and Wild Charge” to propel it across the sky “like a missile.”


And Finally we have a Lucario who tosses a “Aura Sphere” into the sky and follows it with a “Focus Blast” making the two moves create a “bright blue supernova.”


The reason I picked this art is because of the 4th of July holiday just passed, and it’s celebrated with tons of Fireworks!

So I thought, What If Pokémon created the fireworks instead of using man made types of fireworks?

I looked it up and came up with this artwork!


I hope you all enjoy this artwork as much as I do!

It’s quite an amazing piece.