Saturday Sketch


Hey everyone!

How’s it going?

What’s that?

You are looking for a Saturday Sketch?

Well do I got one for you this week.

Well it’s nothing special really… but…




Well good! Because you have a few more months if you’re not getting the Japanese imports.


But to help tide you over till then, I’m going to bring you some fan art for this week’s sketch!


So tell me, what do you know about Keldeo?


From what I understand Keldeo is based on the Fourth Member of the Legendary Musketeers. “The Three Musketeers”

Well with the speaking of Keldeo, that is what todays Saturday Sketch contains!


The one who did the work on this fine piece of artwork goes by the name ~Xous54

It is titled Keldeo the Fourth Musketeer.



I enjoy looking at this work, because the background fits very well with Keldeo’s colors.

Being the smallest of the Musketeer Pokémon, Keldeo still stands tall ready to take on what is in its way!


Keldeo is honestly my favorite out of the group, and I can’t wait to get my hands on one!


So anyways that’s all I got for this week!

Hope you all enjoy and I will catch you all next week!