MOTW: Yawn

Heya guys, Kenny here! Sorry for not having an article up last week, I was busy getting stuff ready with NuzleafGreen. Now that things have settled down however, it's time to look at another move! This week: Yawn!

Yawn is a Normal-Type Status-Category move with 10 PP (max 16 PP). Unless specific conditions are met, Yawn will always succeed. This is different from the move Spore. Although Spore has an accuracy of 100%, it may still miss due to accuracy modifications. Basically, it still needs to pass an accuracy check. Yawn bypasses the check, therefore immediately succeeding (under normal circumstances).

Yawn will take two turns the work. If Yawn succeeds, you will be informed that the foe has "grown drowzy". The drowziness itself does not do anything, rather it is informing you that your opponent will fall asleep next turn. Note that drowziness is not a status condition in any form whatsoever.

Now I did say that there are some ways to counter this move, didn't I? Well, let's get onto those! Abilities that prevent sleep such as Vital Spirit or Insomnia render the move useless. As previously stated, the "drowsiness" from Yawn is not a status effect. This does not mean, however, that Yawn will work if the opponent is affected by another status condition. If your opponent is Paralyzed, Asleep, Burned, Frozen, or Poisoned, Yawn will fail. Yawn is also blocked by moves such as Safeguard, Magic Coat, and Uproar. The easiest way to prevent Pokémon from falling asleep however is to switch out! Like with conditions such as Confusion and Attract, switching out will completely nullify the "drowsiness". 

Well, that's it for this edition of MOTW! Stay strong, Trainers!