Saturday Sketch




So as all of you Pokéfan’s know it’s almost time for us all to set off on another adventure in the Unova region!

Accompanying us upon the way are the choices of Starter Pokémon from the previous game.


Oshawott, Snivy, and Tepig.

All around I am very pleased with this decision, because to be honest I love all three of them!

“And if you didn’t know the starters for Black 2/White 2, have you been living under a Geodude?”


So as you can see this week I bring you something you all should know of if you watched the animated trailer released a little over a month ago.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet go see it now at this link!

I’ll wait, No seriously go view its awesomeness.


So here’s Bianca holding the three starters that you can choose from!


The piece of work is titled “Pick One, But Choose Carefully”

It was made by =DeidaraEmoArtist


So here’s me telling you, if you haven’t reserved your copy of Black 2/ White 2,

Get up now, Walk out the door, and head to your nearest video game stores that takes reservations and reserve it!