Rare Article: A Few Tips For Filling Your Gallery In Pokémon Conquest

Hey guys, Kenny here again with a Rare Article! Yup, our very own Travis was nice enough to let me write one of these so a big thank you goes out to him! Anyway, I've been playing Pokémon Conquest a whole lot recently. For those of you who don't know, I'm one of those people who LOVES collecting things in games. So, knowing that, it's no surprise that I love filling up my Gallery. The Gallery, for those who don't know, is this game's version of the Pokédex. There is also, however, a portion for all of the warriors that have been a part of your army as well! I like to call that part the "Peopledex". Filling up your Gallery is a lot of fun, but it sure can be tough work. I'm here today to try and give you all some tips that will help you fill out your Gallery faster!

First, let's look at the warriors. Why the warriors first? Well because without warriors, you couldn't link with Pokémon! As I'm sure most of you know, most warriors are recruited though "random battles", meaning battles that pop up randomly each month in different areas. Warriors may be recruited via three different methods:

1) Defeating a warrior within 4 turns (in the typical 10-turn match when it says "7 turns remaining" then that is your last turn)

2) Defeating a warrior with a Super-Effective move

3) Defeating a warrior without letting your fellow warriors take any damage

Any one of those three fit the bill. As long as you do one of those things, you're golden! Also, don't worry about a warrior leaving a battle. Normal warriors will always show up again after a bit of time. That having been said, there are also Special Warlords. Special Warlords are just that, special! They have a yellow background on the character lineup as opposed to the typical gray one. In the "Warriors" section of the Gallery, the Special Warlords are all in the front. Examples of Special Warlords include your Hero, Oichi, Motochika, Yoshihiro, and Aya. They're all of the "important" characters. Hopefully that explanation was thorough enough! Anyway, recruiting Special Warlords takes a bit of extra efforts. Per usual, you need to meet one of  the aforementioned conditions. There is one new condition that must be completed however. The final blow must be dealt with a Special Warlord. Did your Eevee use Quick Attack on turn 3 to defeat Yoshimoto's Pineco? Congrats, he's all yours! If a random warrior did it however, sorry but you'll have to try again. Just think of it this way; Special Warolrds only respect other Special Warlords! One final tip; not all warriors and Special Warlords will be able to be recruited. This is especially true in storyline missions. Keep that in mind!

Now, onto linking with Pokémon. As I'm sure you know, medals will appear above wild Pokémon. The list is as follows:

X'd Out Medal - No Compatability

No Medal - Very Low Compatability

Bronze Medal - Low Compatability

Silver Medal - Medium Compatability

Gold Medal - High Compatability/Perfect Link

When it comes to standard warlords, a Gold Medal will ALWAYS indicate a Perfect Link. Using a generic warrior and see a Gold Medal? I have one piece of advice; GO FOR IT! It will mean a new Perfect Link to add to your Gallery! Special Warlords are a different story however. Almost every Special Warlord will have multiple Gold Medal-quality Pokémon. A Gold Medal COULD mean a Perfect Link, however a lot of the time you'll find out that a Gold Medal means a 90% compatability rating. That's still good though, so if you a like a Pokémon with a Gold Medal then don't hesitate to link with it! After obtaining a Perfect Link, a small cutscene will happen immediately after the battle. The character will say something along the lines of "I've never had such a strong connection with a Pokémon before, don't you feel the same way [Pokémon's Name]?" It's always so exciting getting a Perfect Link!

Finding a Perfect Link can be quite tricky however, and you may find yourself stumped as to which Pokémon is perfect for the specific character you want to use. The best advice I can offer you on that is to check out their Type specialty! Be warned though, a warrior with two Type specialties doesn't necessarily indicate that their Perfect Link is of both of those types. Here's an example: I recently ran across a warrior named Gō, with a Type specialty of Water/Normal. "Oh, Bibarel!" I thought to myself. I went and got myself a Bidoof and evolved it, just to find out that Bibarel wasn't her Perfect Link. It turned out to be Piplup! One of the warrior's specialty Types will ALWAYS match their Perfect Link Pokémon, but not necessarily both. Keep that in mind, my fellow Warlords!

Finally, let's take a quick look at the Pokémon themselves. As with the standard games in the Pokémon series, Pokémon evolve in many different ways. Most Pokémon evolve via leveling. Leveling, in this case, means increasing the link percentage with your Pokémon. Honestly, it's essentially the same thing so I wouldn't worry about it too much. There are a few special evolutions however. Pokémon such as Jigglypuff and Eeevee that evolve with stones in the standard games still evolve with stones in Pokémon Conquest as well. There is one small difference however. What might that  be you ask? Well, it's pretty simple. Your warrior needs to be equipped with the evolutionary stone during a battle for it to take effect. After the battle, your Pokémon will evolve should you choose to let it! There are other evolutionary differences as well, such as with the trade-based Pokémon such as Haunter or Gurdurr. For these Pokémon to evolve, you need to have at least a 60% link with them. After that, enter a battle and defeat a warrior or a warlord. After that, your Pokémon should evolve! Most other Pokémon evolve via link level, but keep an eye out for those special few who evolve differently!

Phew, that sure was a lot. Did you learn a thing or two? I hope so! If this goes over well and people would like to know more, I would be happy to write another article. If not, I'll be happy so long as one person benefits from this. Until next time, stay strong Warlords!