Saturday Sketch


Here’s a little something for the Pokémon/Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan’s out there.


This artist combines the best of both worlds together in this amazing image!


Pokemon vs Yugioh” is made by =slifertheskydragon


I’m not too big on the Yu-Gi-Oh side anymore but it seems there is a bunch of the main dragon type monsters there, along with their respective Pokémon counterparts.

The artist has also hidden some Easter eggs in the image, you can always go to the deviantART page where the image is posted to see the answers to the Easter eggs or you can look for yourself. “Post your results in the comments below!”


Another cool part about this image is that the artist posted their work along the way to the final completion.


This looks like it took a lot of work and plenty of time to make into the final piece.


I hope you all can look to appreciate this piece of work as I do!