Saturday Sketch

So, Welcome back to the beginning of June!

Can you believe it’s been Six months since the beginning of the year already!?

Only days closer to Black and White 2!

But anyways enough on which we know what is coming, Let’s move on to Saturday Sketch!


So again this week is not really a sketch,

It’s more of the progress and amazing work that has been done on the Minecraft Server I host for the PKMNcast.

Some amazing Pixel arts have shown up since the opening of the server a few months back.

So today I would like to toss a few screenshots up in the spotlight!

We got Glameow, and Politoed, made by Navy.

With Starmie cloesly in the background made by Masietown.

Scraggy made by Travis, and Zorua made by RKOVoices, Zekrom and Charmander by Masietown, The Groudon by Steven/Unggoy14.


There are so many that have been made it is hard to count them all!

So many amazing people have contributed to making this server look amazing!

“Sorry if you’re the creator of one of these and I didn’t mention your name”


Well I hope you enjoyed this!

I am amazed at the effort and time put into this all!

The server is still open however the population has dropped. “Possibly because of Diablo 3 and other big video game releases at this time.”

If you would like to join, Follow @PKMNminecraft and the information for the server will be dispensed from there!