PKMN of the Week: Roggenrola

Lads and ladies, it may shock you to know - but I remember the seventies.  I know, I know, most of you weren't even alive during that particular decade - by default you'd have to be over thirty already - but I also am quite aware that I am not the only Pokébro of a certain age out there.  I grew up but my love for Pokémon never died.

What was it like in those dark ages?  Well, it was pretty chill.  Why, in the very month I was born Led Zeppelin released Houses of the Holy - if that wasn't a portent of my future rockin' nature, I don't know what is.  No doubt I was also tuned into the disco grooves - the first album I ever bought was the Bee Gees' soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever when I was six years old.  I've even enjoyed the nascent electronica of the day (I still keep Warm Leatherette by The Normal on my iPhone) although I didn't discover that until I was 13.  Truly, though, the seventies were the decade when rock transformed from rebellion into art.  In 1975 Springsteen's Born to Run spoke urban poetry to the chords of the electric guitar.

Another thing about the seventies - the toys were different.  Yes, we had *real* *metal* *lunchboxes* with Scooby Doo on them.  Plastic thermoses inside.  You didn't have to go to the collector's store to get them either, they were just at the regular store.  Seriously, though, one of the biggest differences - our toys didn't require so many batteries.  Definitely not rechargeable batteries even.  Let me posit a challenge to you younger bros and gals.  Go to your local drug store and check out some D cell batteries (if you can find them).  Then realize that I had a portable radio that required eight of those.

What you really won't believe, though, is that . . . I can barely admit it . . . well . . . people used to sell . . . rocks.  Smooth rocks.  Pretty rocks.  Pet rocks.  I used to have one.  I loved it.  I carried it with me everywhere.  In a way it was, almost, like a Pokémon.

A Pokémon named Roggenrola, perhaps?

Coming in at 16 inches tall, this little buddy reflects his origins in Wellspring cave.  Like a bat his primary sensory organ is an ear (it's not an eye!) and he's solid as, well, a rock.  Lil' Roggy will evolve into Boldore at level 25 and then into Gigalith when traded.  Some evolution notes:  Roggenrola will learn Explosion at level 40 - Boldore and Gigalith don't get there until level 55.  As a trade off, Roggenrola can't learn Power Gem which Boldore and Gigalith learn at level 25.  While Roggy remains a physical dude throughout his life path, he starts out Defensive - base stats for physical Attack gradually grow through his evolutions so that, in the end, Attack is the highest stat.  Point your EVs, IVs, and Nature in the right direction.

I'm not going to lie, my bros, Roggenrola learns a lot of Physical STAB moves, by STAB I mean Rock-type.  Rock-type moves are the best.  Everybody gets hurt by Rock-type moves.  Toss your EVs at that Attack stat and grab an Adamant nature, you will be building a sweet battling bro.

Eventually you'll have to decide on whether you want that Power Gem or the early Explosion.  Tough choice - Power Gem is STAB, 70 power and 100% accuracy - not super powerful but not a sneezer either.  Alternatively, Rock Slide is right there.  With 75 power and 90% accuracy it may be worth giving up Power Gem.  I like Explosion and . . . Metagross is just so expected.

You can choose between Sturdy or Sand Force abilities.  If you're building for single battles (or you are really bad at battling) go for Sturdy.  Maybe it will pop you up that extra chance when you need it.  Working on doubles and Sand Stream, grab Sand Force.  It will give a little extra oomph to your boom in battle.

Roggenrola snags lots of cool Rock-type moves (and as I've said, Rock-type moves are the best) so it is no crime to go Rock-type heavy when selecting his move set.  Yes, Explosion.  Just go right in there and rock their socks off.  One for two man, if done right.  Stealth Rock?  Why not, always knocks my poor little Pokédudes about.  If you're hitting a lot of Flying-types or Levitators, toss on some Smack Down.  If you just want some general power, go for the Rock Slide.  Finally, add in Earthquake for a little variety.

I'm sure you can pick out the hold item for lil' Roggy yourself, but let's discuss something about catching Roggenrolas.  There is a 50% chance that he'll be holding an Everstone.  When you're breeding Pokémon, if one of the parents is holding an Everstone there is a 50% chance that that parent's nature will be passed on to the Offspring.  Getting the right nature can give you the edge in battle, no joke.

Back to basics, my bros, Roggenrola is a pure Rock-type.  Know your strengths and weaknesses.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to rock.  I go to shows ALL THE TIME.  It's sweet.  I'll let you in on a lil' secret - a secret that will work for both the bros and the ladies.  When I'm rocking out, I never leave the house without my Roggenrola shirt.  No lie - Roggenrola is the real link between rock and Pokémon.