Saturday Sketch


Some of you may have seen this Sketch floating around the Pokénet recently.

So because of this I have decided to toss it up in the spotlight for Saturday Sketch!


The color yellow, it can sure be pinpointed to a bunch of things we see in daily life.

If you’re a student, you probably use a yellow #2 pencil, If you drive in a car the streetlights are yellow as caution to slow down,  heck even the sun is yellow (well it looks yellow from where we can see).


However the most important color yellow is used in is Pokémon.

Throughout the years there have been many yellow Pokémon and the main one that almost anyone and everyone knows is Pikachu.

“Who else would be featured but Pikachu.” Is what the artist says in the description of this.

The title of the work is called “Yellow Party

It was made by =Geegeet

Along with “Yellow Party” there are other colors as well!

According to the comments on deviantART, all of these prints that the artist brought with them to a convention were sold on the first day.


These works are pretty amazing. I enjoy the Yellow Party mainly because of Jolteon.


Tell me what you like about these works, I would love to know.


The way I first saw these works was actually on behalf of @ryankubo and his Tumblr page

"Obsessed with Pokemon"