Saturday Sketch


It’s Saturday again, so you know what that means! It’s time for another Saturday Sketch.


But first I would like to say thanks if you read/view the Saturday Sketch every week.

Honestly, I really do appreciate it!

So who’s awesome?



But you know what else is awesome?


A shiny Haxorus.

Because as you can see above that is this week’s Saturday Sketch!

Everyone who is anyone knows that Haxorus is a pretty sweet Pokémon to use in the video games.

However how about a Shiny Haxorus?

Black darkish body with Red Axe like “horns” and claws, it’s pretty much the Darth Vader of Pokémon. “Color Wise”


The work in question is named Pokemon: Shiny Haxorus. It was drawn by ~mark331 of deviantART.


He does some other Poké works on deviantART as well; you should really check them out.


Anyways that’s all I got for these weeks Saturday Sketch. Hope you enjoyed it.


This is Kay, Logging out!