Saturday Sketch

How’s it going Pokéfans and Pokénerds?

Welcome back for Saturday Sketch!

This week I’m showing a sketch based of Mystery Dungeon!


Recently I started to play Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Blue.

This is the first time I have played it, and even though I haven’t really gotten far into the game yet it’s pretty enjoyable!



The title of this work is called “Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Fanart

It was made by =Arbok-X.


Everyone love Zubat right?
Well why not venture into a cave filled with hundreds to upon thousands of them?
Need a light to guide your way? Why not grab a Charmander Tail or use Cyndaquil’s back burner.

Pikachu and Mudkip seem to be having a good time while everyone else seems frightened and a tad confused.


Even though I do not understand the expressions from the two, it’s still pretty interesting to see expression in art.

In particular I really enjoy Meowth holding Charmander’s tail as a protection/light device.

Also Treeko is straight up Face palming.


I wish I could describe the images meaning a bit more, however I still know nothing of Mystery Dungeon Lore.


Well until next time!