MOTW: Dark Void

Woo-hoo, it's time for another MOTW! Sorry about last week, but I'm totally back and ready to talk about a move that is a bit ridiculous due to how good it is: Dark Void! Dark Void is a Status-Category Dark-Type move with 10 PP (16 max) and an accuracy of 80%. This move is also the signature move of none other than the Pokémon that is currently being distributed (that event's still active, right?): Darkrai! Now, I know some of you may be saying "80% isn't that great, Kenny. Why are you saying it's so good?" Well, let's take a closer look.

Although this move doesn't have the accuracy that moves like Spore and Yawn do, it can hit both opponents (unless, of course, the Sleep Clause is active). Imagine winning a Double Battle and then - BAM - both of your Pokémon are put to sleep in the same turn. That's enough to make anyone mad. On top of that, most of you might remember that Darkrai has an Ability called Bad Dreams, which reduces the HP of any sleeping opponent by 1/8th. This Ability can also be paired with the move Nightmare, which reduces the HP of a sleeping opponent by 1/4th! Seriously, anyone in that situation is pretty much a gonner. Even if you take away both Bad Dreams and/or Nightmare, Dark Void is seriously a crippling move (It may be Darkrai's signature move but remember, Smeargle can learn it too via Sketch!). So crippling in fact, that it's been banned from officially sanctioned tournaments. I personally feel that if they took the accuracy down a bit then it might be a fair move. The 80% it's at now however, makes it way too good.

Well, that's it for this edition of Move of the Week. Stay strong, Trainers!