Saturday Sketch



The date is May 19, 2012,

It is a Saturday Morning

You should know what that means.

If you don’t I will tell you!

Time for the Weekly Saturday Sketch!



This week in order to pick a Pokémon themed Sketch; I used a Random Pokémon Generator!

If you don’t know what that is go “Here” and try it out.


And the Lucky Pokémon this week ended up being Simisear!

So a little background on Simisear,

It is one of 3 elemental monkey Pokémon, with the other two being Simisage, and Simipour.

It can only evolve once exposed to a stone of its type.


But anyways, on to this Sketch.

The Sketch I found actually consists of Pansear and Simisear.


The Sketch is titled Fun Time Pokemon and was made by ~demetrix25 on deviantART.


The sketch was drawn up and completed one month before the release of Black and White.

It was drawn with pencil crayons and black ink!


All around I think it looks pretty awesome!

Even though I am not a fan of the Monkey’s in any way, this is a pretty awesome piece!


I hope you enjoyed the sketch for this week.

Cya all again next week!