Saturday Sketch


It’s that time again for another Saturday Sketch.

So sit back and relax and give it your attention. It would be much appreciated if you do.


Since the “Legendary Pokémon Darkrai” is being given out via Wi-Fi, I thought it would be fit to base Saturday Sketch on it this week!


If the Darkrai even interests you go check it out at Poké

Here’s the Link! – Clicky.


But anyways on to this week’s Sketch about Darkrai!


This Darkrai was created and born in 2.5 hours using Photoshop.

~KidScribbles on deviantART  created this “speed painting”.

The title of the work is simply “Darkrai”

All around it’s pretty interesting; I enjoy the paint like features of Darkrai’s being.


Hope you enjoyed this week’s Sketch.

Be sure to get your Darkrai before time runs out!


Cya all next week!