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What day is it everyone?



Meaning time for another Saturday Sketch!


This week as some of you may have seen already, there has been a large gallery that has appeared on the interwebs.

This gallery consists of the First Generation’s 151 Pokémon.

The gallery is titled “The Pokémon Battle Royale” and can be found on Tumblr!

So a little information about this gallery...

  • ·        151 Pokémon in the gallery
  • ·        151 Artists

The description on Tumblr:

“151 artists have each selected and created original works of art inspired by each of the original 151 Pokémon. From Bulbasaur to Mew, each Pokémon is represented and injected with the artists’ own aesthetic, style, and creativity, exploring just what made those little Pokémon so interesting and fun to catch.

The Pokémon Battle Royale was a curated art show curated by Alyssa Nassner (@smalltalk) and Bryan Ische (@ishyyyyy) in the spring of 2012.”


So now that you know about this gallery let’s take a look at some of the works contained in this gallery of amazingness.



So you like Pokémon and the Simpsons huh?

Well you may perhaps like this crossover.

Homer J. “Dratini” Simpson.

In all honesty this kind of seems right...

“#147 Dratini by Adam J. Kurtz



Oh that Crazy Hypno, what will he do next?

Actually… let’s not get into what he’s possibly going to do next...

“#97 Hypno by Jordan Jeffries 



After seeing this one…  I don’t think I will ever see Clefairy the same again.

As a matter of fact she looks very happy to see you!


“#35 Clefairy by Mikey McCollor


Pidgey ain’t picking on Weedle for much longer! Forget evolution! This Weedle is not messing around, it will Body Slam you! Perhaps actually one day it will break the fourth wall and become the most powerful bug in its class!


“#13 Weedle by Tyson Hesse


Well that’s it for this week’s Saturday Sketch (‘s)!

Hope you enjoyed taking a tiny look at this gallery!

This is truly some outstanding work and you should check out the full thing!

You can even purchase some of the work as prints!


Check it out at the Tumblr!


Thanks for viewing this week’s Saturday Sketch, Cya all next week!