MOTW - Me First

Guess how this article's gonna start out? I'll give you a second to think. Okay, ready? Hey guys, Kenny here with another edition of MOTW (surprise)! This week we're going to take a look at how it could just very well be in a Pokémon's best interest to be selfish. That's right, we're talking about the move Me First!

Me First is a Normal-Type Status-Category move with 20 PP (max 32). It probably goes without saying but, like many other Status-Category moves, it does not have a base power or base accuracy. When a Pokémon uses Me First, it attempts to steal the target's move and use it as its own. Sounds pretty simple, right? Well friends, I must tell you that it's a bit more complicated than it sounds. I'll cover everything though, and soon, you'll be a pro at using this move!

First, and most importantly, this move only works if the opponent is using an ATTACKING move. Me First also works when a Pokémon is in its resting period from a move (such as the second turn of Hydro Cannon or Roar of Time). Moves such as Confuse Ray, Recover, Roost, etc., will not be copied. If a Pokémon uses Me First when its opponent is attempting to use a Status-Category move, it will fail. That being said, if and when Me First is successfully executed, the user will gain a 50% boost in power! Let's break this down with an example. Let's pretend that I'm in a battle. I've got my Accelgor out, and the opponent is using their Beartic. On this particular turn, I use Me First, and the opponent's Beartic uses Slash. Me First will copy Slash and Accelgor will proceed to use it. Because Slash was executed through the move Me First however, its base power will be 105 rather than the normal 70! Talk about a huge boost!

Strategy-wise, Me First has a few options but not many. One thing that really cuts down its usefulness is the fact that it has no priority, and yet will only work if the user goes first. This means that the success of Me First is based solely upon Speed (or a lucky break from a Quick Claw). If your Pokémon is slow, the chances of it making this move useful is diminished significantly. Faster Pokémon, such as Accelgor, would find this move most useful. Pokémon with at least a decent speed however, such as Lucario and Absol, could find themselves making use of the move in certain situations. When it comes down to it though, the successfulness of Me First really depends on you as a trainer. It benefits those who are good at predicting their opponent's moves. If you feel uncomfortable with this playstyle, this move may not be your best bet. It's always worth a shot though!

Well guys, that does it for Me First. Tune in next week for another edition of MOTW!