Saturday Sketch



Hello everyone, Welcome to Saturday Sketch!

If we haven’t met yet, you can call me Kay, and if you’re a returning fan of the Saturday Sketch segment, Welcome back!


As I am writing this it is very late for me and been a long, long day.

So please excuse me if I make this short and sweet.


In these weeks featured Sketch we have “Kyurem Black and White”.

The reason I chose this piece for this week’s Sketch is because of the recent news released on Black2/White2.

And if you take a look at this artwork you have to admit that these Kyurem forms look pretty darn cool.


I am sure we are all in for a great new Pokémon adventure!

In my beliefs this week’s Sketch would make a really nice background for any Pokéfan!


The work was made by =arkeis-pokemon on deviantART.


That’s it for the sketch this week, thanks for viewing.

As always I’m Kay and I’m signing out!