Rare Article: 3(?) Reasons Why Everyone Should Play Pokémon

If you're a Pokémon fan, this article isn't for you. Not that you wouldn't enjoy it, but just because I'd be preaching to the choir, so to speak. This article is for your friends who don't play Pokémon but should. A while ago, back when SBJ ran Rare Article, he wrote this beauty:Why You Need to Start Playing Pokémon

In my humble opinion, though, SBJ in 2010 didn't have it all together up in the old noggin, so to speak (just kidding, I <3 SBJ,)because he was missing quite a few important reasons why everyone should play Pokémon. Here are those reasons.

1. Pokémon is Easy to Learn, Or: The Angry Birds Factor

Everyone is playing "casual games" these days, on their fancy iDroids and Anphones and such. Much of the reason for these games' popularity, if I had to guess, is that they have a very simple learning curve. Pokémon is similar, in that way. It's fairly easy to understand the basics of the game, and the player doesn't ever feel that they are lost or confused. Once the basics are introduced, the game doesn't throw many changes at you, so once you've got it, you've got it. Yay for simple things!

2. Pokémon is One of the Most Strategically Deep Games of All Time, Or: The Chess Factor

Even though it's simple to pick up, Pokémon is a ludicrously in-depth game. There are no games on the market today that have anywhere near the strategic depth as Pokémon. (Perhaps some RTSs also require a similar amount of strategy, but I would argue that these games take entirely different forms of strategy.) Pokémon battling requires as much thought as the toughest chess match, and that's to say nothing about team building, which takes, if you ask me, even more planning and thought. Yay for complicated things!

3. Nice People Play Pokémon, Or: The Kenny Factor

You should play Pokémon, because communities like ours are amazing, and filled with the nicest, most generous people in the world. Sure, there are snobs out there, but they are the vast minority. Pokémon players are, in general, welcoming, kind folks. Why not join a community like that?

4. Because I Said So, Or: Would You Kindly Go Get Stepped on by a Big Daddy?

Seriously. Play Pokémon.