Saturday Sketch


This week’s featured artist goes by the name ~ChelseaRule on deviantART.

The work is named “Evolving in Size”, and it is a very fitful name for the artwork.


The artist did this work on three separate cups, a 12oz, 16oz and a 20oz cup. Each is an evolution of Charmander.

Going from the smallest to a larger size, the cups evolve just like an evolutionary scale.

The Charizard look’s amazing along with the other primary evolutions.

In my opinion they would look great Colored!

I actually found this on deviantART’s front page, and the front page always consists of uploaded now content so I believe it was a rare find.

The unfortunate thing about this artist is that there are no other works like this or any other Pokémon related pieces in their deviations.


That’s it for this week, C-ya all next week.
KayCStreet OUT!