Stating Stats from States

Hey poke-nerds I’d like to start with a grand apology. I’M SORRY THIS ARTICLE IS LATE! See how grand that was? Done. Next, I want to give you some tips based on what I’ve seen and read from last weekends States. The big bad bidoof of the format is definitely Zekrom/Eelektrik. Reporting from Top Cut says 30 of the top four decks across the tournaments were a Zekrom/Eelektrik varying with some techs like Thundurus or Terrakion. Celebi/Mewtwo/Tornadus took 21 of the top four slots followed by my favorite deck. Dur-dur-durant , taking 10 spots.

Two awesome things we can take away from this. First, Mewtwo was not the bomb to the format that everyone thought it would be, more like a small hand grenade. Secondly, with the release of the spring tins the top deck in the format is relatively affordable. That also means you will see a lot of it so lets get into how to beat it.

Hold on to your pokeflutes cause this is about to get crazy, a deck that won states ran only Terrakion.

It is pretty much a one hit KO on the players playing Zekrom/Eelektrik. Everything has weakness to fighting and revenge sets up for a steady 180 damage every turn.  Now mono-Terrakion is pretty cool but pair Terrakion with a few prisim energy or rainbow energy and you could run it in just about every deck.

While we’re chowing down on the musketeers lets take a look at Virizion. This is a pokemon with a pair of master balls. It runs incredibly well in CMT. Leaf Wallop isn’t astounding first turn but second turn you’re beating for 80 and 80 every turn after. This takes care of every Durant and every Terrakion you’re faced with. Also if you miss your Celebi set up, for whatever reason, double draw ensures that you keep card advantage against your opponent. If you’re already running grass energy there is no reason not to include this all star.

Finally I’d like to talk about Lost Remover. This card got a lot of hype prior to states and almost all reports post last weekend are yelling get off the bandwagon, its on fire. I am going to disagree. It is a game changer, not a turn around that I think most players were expecting. Getting rid of a Double Colorless on Mewtwo EX may give you an extra turn. On the other hand its junk against Zekrom/Eelectrik and won’t see a ton of use against CMT. After last weekend I expect to see a lot more Terrakion teched in which also means more prism. By no means should you run four but one or two could help you keep your edge mid-game.

Alright, time to shuffle up and play it like it will help you get a girl friend. Good luck trainers, let us know how it goes.