Saturday Sketch



Hello everyone, Welcome to Saturday, SATURDAY, SATURDAY Sketch!

This week I’m back with an Artist Suggestion from @jstinftw.

The artist makes some really creative Pokémon art that can be found on deviantART.

The artist goes by the name of                  *Leashe.

They do some rather creative realistic Pokémon art, and so that is my choice of this week to bring to you.


In the image shown above it is titled IPL Espeon vs Jolteon. The reason I chose this one is because it had a Jolteon in it. “If you didn’t know Jolteon is my forever and always Favorite Pokémon.”

This battle takes place in a Coliseum type arena with the trainers standing on top of the Coliseum rooting their Pokémon on.

To me this looks like a very intense battle.

Jolteon using Thunder!

Espeon using Protect!

Who do you believe will be the Victor!?



Well I hope you all enjoyed the Sketch this week!


And I’m hoping that no one minds but if you didn’t know a few People are doing Let’s Play’s on Livestream. So if you feel like checking them out here are the links!


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And if you feel like checking out mine,


KayCStreet’s Let’s Play Pokémon Blue


Again thanks for viewing this week’s Saturday Sketch and I will see you all again next week!