Saturday Sketch


Welcome to the first Saturday Sketch of February!

Can you believe it’s February already?


For the first Saturday of February I bring you a pretty sweet painting of the Pokémon Arcanine.

Well a digital panting at that but it’s still pretty awesome.


The artist, whom can be found on deviantART, goes by the username ~CrystalCeo

However according to a Journal they posted back in June of 2011, they moved to another account. That account’s name is ~Lumini  


 I enjoy this artists painting style works, they are very interesting and nice to admire and look at.


So that’s it this week for Satuday Sketch!



On a Un-Pokémon related notes If anyone cares about the NFL Super Bowl tomorrow, please enjoy watching it. It’s a fun day to celebrate a Super Bowl Party and if you bought some Squares for a Pool, good luck to you!


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