Don't Play With Destiny, Preorder

So Next Destinies is right around the corner and I have not been so excited for a set in a long time. Troll and Toad has opened up preorders for some singles and I’m doing everything I can to keep my bank account in check. There are a few cards that I think may be worth the trouble to preorder, lets take a look.

Card 1: Musharna This is a perfect filler tech. Its Pokemon power allows you to look at the top two cards and put one into your hand. Granted Musharna is a stage 1 so if you have to start with Munna you might be in a tough spot. The advantage of Musharna being stage 1 is its 100hp. Since you’ll be leaving it on your bench 100hp should keep it out of snipe range. If you’ve got the extra nine dollars I don’t think a play set or at least a couple of these would hurt.

The second card is one that is easily obtainable since it comes in the Mewtwo EX promo box, Battle City A new stadium, finally, that reads once during your turn you may flip a coin if heads draw a card. Another amazing staple card in any deck. Granted this also benefits your opponent which is the down side. My thought would be if I have space run Musharna run it. If I need more room for other cards Battle City is the next best option.

Lets talk about the bombshell from this set, Mewtwo EX Preordering at $60 I’m laughing at anyone ordering a playset. Ok I guess if you really want one, if you’re a collector perhaps, order one. This card has the most hype behind it, which also means it will drop once the set comes out and new deck lists begin to surface. I’ve heard “a card to run in any deck since its attack is colorless”. I think the general player is looking past the loss of two prizes. Right now matched against Magnezone’s Lost Burn Mewtwo EX is the loss of two prizes for four energy. That’s a terrible ratio, worse than B&W Reshiram or Zekrom. I think this is an awesome card and will be played heavily but not worth the preorder, probably worth the trades on prerelease day.

Some other cards I’m super excited for are the new Darmanitan and Cincino. Cincino rocks the same power as Fossil set Haunter, a favorite card of mine. Darmanitan has an attack called DarMAXitan… amazing, ordering 100. Does anyone have deck lists already in the works for any of these cards?