Some Cool Cards (That aren't EX's) from Next Destinies

Hey everyone! It's been a long long time since I've written an article and Stevewas starting to think I never would again. So I am being spontaneous and decideing to write a comeback article at 9:49 p.m. on this fine Tuesday night. Let's go!


Not everyone is going to pull an EX at their pre-release this weekend. So I'm going to give you some reasons why you shouldn't be too upset if you don't get the full-art Zekrom EX you've been patiently waiting for. 

To start I want to talk about a new flippy attacker to pair with Victini; Darumanitan. This Zen Mode version of Darumanitan is a stage 1, psychic type that has no limit to the amount of damage it can do. You flip a coin for each energy attached to it and it does 50 damage for each heads. Since its attack cost is a double colorless it can fit in any deck and serves as a great counter to Mewtwo EX, the speculated powerhouse of the format. 


Next I want to talk about the secret rares from Hail Blizzard and Psycho Drive, the Japanese sets that include the cards that Next Destinies will most likely be comprised of.  The secret rares are shiny versions of great cards that we have already gotten in previous Black and White sets. They included Zoroark, (the good one with Foul Play), Chandelure, Emboar, and Hydreigon. They are very cool and give you four more cards to hope to get when you open a pack. Too often is there just 2 or three cards you are trying to get in a set. And though we are not sure these secret rares will also be in Next Destinies, we can always hope. (link to secret rares and all other HB/PD cards here)

Lastly I want to feature Level Ball. I want to feature this  Trainer card because I really feel that the game too much favors the big, basic, legendary Pokemon and I feel like Level Ball is the first card we've gotten in a long time that has given some power to Pokemon that, well, don't have 130 hp. Level Ball lets you search your deck for a Pokemon that has 90 or less hp. I personally am going to use 4 of these in a Leafeon/Amoongus deck after Next Destinies comes out because every Pokemon in the deck has 90 or less hp. Amoongus, as talked about in Vinnie's last article, poisons and confuses their active apon evolution. Leafeon hits for 50 damage times the number of special conditions affecting their active. This is not the only deck that could utilize Level ball though. Another deck that could take advantage of it is Zekrom/Eelektrik. Eelektrik has 90 hp and is the only non-basic in the deck and Level Ball provides a quick, pain free means to search it out.


Let me know what your favorite cards are from the new set in the comments. I want to hear what is your favorite artwork from Nest Destinies and what is your favorite card you want to play.


And as in past articles I will give a card out. It will be something I get in the prerelease this weekend so stay tuned. Everyone who comments about their favorite card from Next Destinies is eligible.

Thanks for reading!