Saturday Sketch


Hello, Hello, Welcome back for this week’s Saturday Sketch.


This week I have a question for you all, Pertaining to the trainers in the Video Game,


Which Pokémon trainer is your favorite?

Go ahead just pick one, I’d Love to know! It can be a main character, supporting character, or any character that was in the video game, Also meaning Character classes. Click here for Bulbapedia’s list of Trainer Classes.


My favorite would be the Rockets.

This is because to me they are the most memorable enemy’s from the earliest Pokémon game.


However this week’s sketch is another comic that revolves around The Protagonist of Gold/Silver, and Trainer Joey.


Joey is possibly a very memorable trainer to many players of Pokémon Gold/Silver, because he always calls you at random times, to talk about his Rattata.


By now everyone should know Rattata is a top tier Pokémon, haha.


This comic was made by the deviant ~littlelenore


However leave me your responses in the section below, I would love to see who your favorite trainer is!


See you all next week!