Rare Article: Bulbapedia Alternatives

Hey, folks! Do you ever feel that, however great it may be, Bulbapedia just isn't quite what you want it to be? Me either! But just in case you do feel this way, and want an alternative, here are a few that I've found. (Note: None of these have TCG info. Sadface.)

Chapter 1: wiki.pokemon-online.eu, Or: Theorymon! Gotta Calculate 'em All! Many of you are probably familiar with the battle simulator "Pokémon Online." The people behind the simulator have created a wiki to go with it. If you feel that Bulbapedia doesn't have the amount of Metagame information you want, http://wiki.pokemon-online.eu/ has your back. Articles on specific Metagames, such as 5th Gen OU give you a banlist, and a description of the format with common threats, which can be useful. The pages for individual Pokémon are shown in a very pleasing way. The negative to this wiki is that, as it's fairly new, it might not have all of the information you need. Sidenote: I know some of you are opposed to tiers and theorymon, but this is for the ones of you that are not.

Chapter 2: Pokemondb.net, Or: Bulbapedia, but not Bulbapedia!

Pokémon Database is another option. This one is a ton like Bulbapedia. Much of the same information is found here. Pages for Pokémon are presented in an arguably more visually pleasing fashion than Bulbapedia (with, perhaps, the exception of the move learnlist,) so that's a plus. However, Pokémon DB does not have pages for items. For me, that's a pretty big turnoff, but if you need some quick info on a Pokémon, Pokémon DB might be the way to go, as it loads quicker in most cases.

Chapter 3: Veekun, Or: I Have no Idea What a "Veekun" Is.

Despite an annoying color scheme, http://veekun.com/ is pretty nice. Its loading times are faster than Bulbapedia, and might be the fastest of the wikis I've listed here. In my opinion, what Veekun does best are its pages for different locations, giving detailed information about percent chances to find certain Pokémon in certain areas. The layout for Pokémon pages is nice too. 


I hope that Bulbapedia never lets you down, but in the case of the inevitable server crash the next time a main series game gets released, these wikis might prove to be invaluable companions.