PotW: Caterpie

Hey there Pokemoners! Happy Monday!! Wait, it's not Monday?


Just kidding. I'm terribly sorry about the terribly late article this week, guys, but summer leaves me unfortunately busy and getting enough time to write an article on an actual computer is more difficult than it seems. 

Now, I'm assuming that most of you guys that actually take the time to come to the website and read all of our fabulous articles are fans of the show as well. If you're not, go listen to the show. Now. Anyway, if you've listened to the last episode, Episode 49, you already know the Pokemon of the Week! You also know the Pokemon of the Week if you payed any attention at all to the giant banenr at the top of this article, as well as the article's title. So you're pretty much a psychic. Since you already know the Pokemon this article is about thanks to your psychic powers, let's just get right to it. (It's Caterpie)

On the last episode of It's Super Effective!, we talked for about an hour about this week's PotW, and all the other Pokemon allowed in our apparently-up-and-coming Bug Tier. During that hour, we established that the best moveset for this little guy is the one containing every single move that he can possibly learn. That, plus all the EVs and stuff, should look something like this: 

Tackle, String Shot, Bug Bite

EVs: 252 Attack / 252 Speed / 4 Whatever

Adamant Nature, Bug Gem


With this set, Caterpie is a somewhat acceptable Physical Sweeper. His movepool really sets him up to be a serious counter to some of the faster threats of his tier. String Shot can bring any big-time sweeper down to a more manageable speed. After that, most can be easily dispatched with a 60 base + STAB + Bug Gem Bug Bite.

And, since I haven't actually played many battles in this Tier quite yet, that's all I feel like I'm qualified to talk about. Hopefully, as we all get more experienced in this format of battling, we'll get some pretty amazing battles. HEY EVERYONE! Record your battles using the VS recorder, and upload them to YouTube. Show them to me, put "PKMNcast Bug Cup" in the title, and I WILL put them up on the site in an upcoming article at some point. Cross my heart. 

Follow me at @AtDavidThomas on Twitter for updates concerning the status of my teambuilding, and challenge me to battles. I will accept when I'm done. Until next time, Bug Cup Combatants. I hope to see you soon on the fields of battle.