Out with the old, in with the new

Okay, so obviously no Concept Corner today. We might actually be facing the end of Concept Corner. Not because Steve is making me stop for any silly reason, but because of my own reasons. First of all, I have run out of article ideas, and I don't want to start writing silly contrived things for articles just for the sake of writing for the site. The second reason is that I'm getting tired of writing Concept Corner. It was great fun, and it had its run, but its starting to just feel like a chore, and I get no real enjoyment from writing the exact same kind of article every 2 weeks.


HOWEVAH. This does not, by any stretch, mean that I am done contributing to this wonderful site. Steve and I are currently discussing a new project I would like to do for teh site. I don't really want to say too much right now, but I will say that it's something the likes of which hasn't really been seen on the site before. I think you guys will like it a lot. More info will be given as soon as details are ironed out between Steve and I.


Since I guess this is my official announcement of the end of Concept Corner, I would like to thank all my fans who supported me when I really didn't deserve praise, and enjoyed my articles once they became worth reading. You guys are all fantastic, and I love you all. I've even made a couple great freindships through writing for teh site, and it's been a fantastic ride. I also want to thank Steve for giving me the chance he did, and really letting me do my own thing with Concept Corner without ever butting in. Steve, you are pretty much the best boss ever, and I hoep I'll be writing for this site for a long time to come. This is the end of Concept Corner, but the beginning of something that will hopefully be better, more enjoyable, and more long-term. I'll talk about this in the next podcast episode I am on as well, hopefully one of the next couple.


In closing, I love you all, thank you for supporting me and Concept Corner, and I hope you enjoy what's coming next. And now, without further ado, here's an irrelevant and mindlessly wonderful video shown to me by Nina Fichera, who keeps showing up in things I write. XD Enjoy, and have a great week!