We still have plenty of ideas for new Pokémon

There may be 649 Pokémon in existence but Pokémon Black and White art director Ken Sugimori has told Official Nintendo Magazine that it is unlikely that Game Freak will run out of ideas for new Pokémon.

Asked if Game Freak still had ideas for new Pokémon, Sugimori said: "It's not only myself designing new Pokémon - we have about 20 people in our team at Game Freak who design Pokémon, so if every one of them came up with 10 Pokémon ideas, it's going to be 200. And that will make a lot of Pokémon designs."

He added: "Also, there are people still coming in new to Game Freak and that's where we get fresh ideas from."

Did you like the new batch of Generation V Pokémon ushered in by Pokémon Black & White? Are you looking forward to seeing what the next generation brings?

You can read an interview with Pokémon Black and White directors Ken Sugimori and Junichi Masuda in the May issue of Official Nintendo Magazine which is on sale now. Buy it here