Saturday Sketch


Well Pokéfan’s, We are almost among the New Year, The Big 2012! Are you prepared? Have you made your list of Resolutions? Hopefully Pokémon is among those resolutions.


This year was certainly a eventful year for Pokémon, With the release of Black and White,  The Online TCG, Plenty of TCG Expansions, Rumble Blast and many more Pokémon related things.

What was your favorite Pokémon related thing this year?


Anyways I have picked this artwork this week “Created by the deviantART user ~shadowhatessomochao”, With the Title Pokemon celebrating New Year,  it fits the time of year and also a theme of Awesome Pokémon.


So as the ball drops tonight at Midnight, “Eastern Time”. Remember that we move on in our journeys into a new year, celebrate it, enjoy it, and spend it with your friends and loved ones.

And let’s all hope for even greater Pokémon games and fun in the next coming year!


Happy New Year everyone!

Join me next year for a great beginning of Next years Editions of Saturday Sketch!