AOTW: Thick Fat

‘Twas two days before Christmas, and all through the site, the pokénerds were training Drillbur and Magnemite. Jay shattered his gems and Travis wrote rarities, while Steve was recording the show (sans grammatical clarity). As for me, finding a holiday-themed Ability on which to give advice, has proven tricky but it should suffice. So friends, get comfortable in the seat upon which you’ve sat, because this is Ability of the Week: Thick Fat!

Okay, no, I’m not going to attempt to rhyme for this entire thing, that would just be ridiculous for me to attempt. But onto Thick Fat! This Santa Clausian Ability was introduced to the Pokémon titles in generation three wherein it was usable by twelve monsters. The Ability is currently usable by nineteen pokémon, though, and it can grant the user protection from Fire and Ice-type moves used against it. Specifically, Ice and Fire-type moves will deal half of their usual damage against a monster with Thick Fat.

Most of the monsters with Thick Fat, unhelpfully enough, either don’t have spectacular defensive stats or are not susceptible to super effective damage from Fire or Ice moves, but when have trifles like that stopped me from trying to find useful candidates? Never, that’s when. In my warped little mind, the most iconic Thick Fat user is Snorlax, so let’s begin with the big man himself. The narcoleptic behemoth has a massive HP stat, and is often considered one of the best walls in the game. Thick Fat adds another layer to his natural armor, and if you like, you could outfit him with a Rock-type move like Rollout or Rock Slide to give him a super effective move against any extreme-temperature assailants. The same could be said of Miltank, although she does sacrifice some of her defensive stats for superior Speed.

Strangely enough from where I’m sitting, mighty Mamoswine Just don't refer to it as "Thick Fat" in front of him. He prefers "More To Love".might just be the most useful of all the Thick Fat users in terms of who gets the most bang for their buck. Primarily because it actually has a natural weakness to Fire-type moves. With Thick Fat, Fire moves will deal 1x damage against Mamoswine, while Ice types go down to 1/2x. Of course, early episodes of It’s Super Effective! endorse Mamoswine with Snow Cloak, but at the time the Dream World had not yet been introduced. Why not give the new model a whirl, folks?

That takes care of Thick Fat, folks! Everybody have a happy and safe Christmahannakwanzakuh, and I’ll see you next week!