Rare Article: VA-NILL-UXE! (Pokémon I love)

221Piloswine.pngYou all know that I love Vanilluxe. However, he's not the only favorite Pokémon. I have always felt that my favorite Pokémon don't get as much love as the others. Maybe that's why I like them so much. Anyway, many of you have asked me why I love the Pokémon I do. After all, they aren't that strong or "B.A." Here are my top three Pokémon, starting with number three.

Favorite Pokémon #3: Psyduck, Or: Need Some Ibuprofen, Bro?

Oh, Psyduck. Such a funny fellow. I love Psyduck for a few reasons. First, his perpetual headache makes him endlessly pitiable, and I find that adorable. He obviously wants to just chill, but that headache won't be having any of that. Second, and this will be a common theme, he looks funny. I like that. Third, "PSY-AI-AI!" 'Nuff said.

Favorite Pokémon #2: Vanilluxe, Or: Does his Two Faces Mean he Has Two Brains?

When Black and White's Pokémon were announced, I saw Vanilluxe and thought he was awesome. Then, I started hearing everyone say, "the Gen V Pokémon are cool. Except for the ice cream cone." That backlash only made me love Vanilluxe even more. I just thought it was so funny that a cute little ice cream cone would attract so much hate. But, perhaps the reason why I still love him, is that he is extremely versatile in doubles combat. His special attack and Blizzard STAB make him a fantastic counter to a ton of common threats introduced in Gen V, and his less-than-perfect speed, but not too low speed, allows him to be able to work on a Tailwind or Trick Room team and decimate his opponent. All while keeping that friendly little smile. :)

Favorite Pokémon #1: Piloswine, Or: It's Not Pronounced "Pillow"-Swine

Piloswine is a fantastically designed Pokémon. While other Pokes are designed to either look cute or tough, Piloswine was (un?)fortunate to be granted neither. Pilowswine is ugly (but in a good way.) He's essentially a hairball. That's why I love him. In a realm of extreme monsters, the "normal" looking ones are the ones that stand out. Now to answer your two pressing questions: 

1. No, I don't like Mamoswine

2. It's pronounced like this: "Pile"-(long O sound)-"swine." How do I know? The prefix "Pilose" means "Hairy."


What are your favorite Pokes and why?