Saturday Sketch



Welcome to the one and only “well possibly not only” Saturday Sketch!

I’m going to make things short and simple this week. So without further ado, here we go!


As some of you may know, the new Legend of Zelda video game came out last week, and some of us being Nintendo fans, we are always enjoying Nintendo games.

So on a Pokémon related note this image is of “Pokémon meets Zelda.”

With Link as Snivy.

Princess Zelda as Meloetta. “An unreleased Black and White Pokémon.”

And Ganon as Emboar.


In my opinion I see the Meloetta as more of a Kirlia; this is because on Bulbapedia it shows Meloetta as a Red haired Looking Mime, with a white and black body.

What I enjoyed about this image was how fierce Ganon/Emboar Looks.

The image was created by the user Powder on the forum called The Technodrome Forums.



In this post he created called “Pokemon Sketches”, he took requests and Posted some of his other Pokémon related works.

 Visit the page by clicking here!

Thanks, as always for joining me this week for another dose of Saturday Sketch!

See you all next week!