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It sure has been an interesting week here around the Pokémon Podcast, there was a Podcast with Marriland, A contest announced, an announcement of a new shirt designed by Wil, shirt reprints, and even a Rare Article by SBJ himself!

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 Meanwhile on this week’s edition of Saturday Sketch!


Well throughout the years there have been many Pokémon games, and many new Starters have been introduced from just the originals from Red and Blue “Green”.  Also along with the starters there have been different professors.

Here in this image we have all of the Starters up to Generation IV along with their Professors.

It’s interesting to see how many Pokémon we have grown with and began our Pokémon journeys with over the years.

So my question today is,

Who is your favorite Professor, Starter Pokémon and or Starter Evolutions?

“The two do not have to be from the same generation.”

In this image it shows up to Generation IV, but as we all know by now there are Five Generations now.

So with the addition of the Pokémon Tepig, Oshawott, and Snivy’s evolutions and also the Professor Juniper, Feel free to answer in any way possible!


The Collision of work in this image was done by the deviantART user ~XxSlyCatxX

The user did speak of updating the image in their comments section; however I didn’t find any updated images in their gallery.

Thanks for joining me for this Weeks Saturday Sketch!


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