Saturday Sketch


Hello, Hello everyone!

Welcome back for this week’s edition of Saturday Sketch with your Favorite host – Kay!


This week I feel as if I should bring some laughs or as some like to call it “LOL’S” to your faces.


Here we have the beginning of the Gold and Silver games in Comic form.  And as most of you know at the start of any game, the Professor asks you what your gender is.


Just think that if Pokémon was real this would happen to you on your first day starting your Pokémon journey.


The artist of this mini-comic is ~JamesDonaldson on DeviantART. View this Sketch here!

This artist does plenty of comic material and other types of art so if you’re into that stuff go ahead and take a look!


Well hope you enjoyed this week’s Sketch and I’ll be back next week with another.


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This is Kay, Signing out!