Pikachu T-Shirt!?

No, this have nothing to do with this site, excatly, but it does have to do with Pokemon. And no, I am not getting paid to advertise. I just thought that I would spread some Pokemon love so everyone wardrobe can be a little bit more awesome. So feel free to skip over this post if you don't like buying stuff, I just thought I would share before it leaves.

There is this site called TeeFury (teefury.com) and it has very awesome shirts, usually on the nerdy side, such as Mario or Star Wars. Each shirt is only $9.00 and if you have been to any mall recently, you know that is a good price. Sadly though, TeeFury has one shirt a day and for that day only. Each day they have a new shirt up for twenty-four hours and after that time period, it's gone forever. Now you see why I have to tell you this now.

After checking the site a little bit ago, I found out they had a Pikachu shirt (it's the one featured below). It is actually Pokemon and GhostBusters combine and I don't even like GhostBusters , but I think it is adorable. If you want this shirt just go to teefury.com, it's on the front page. I checked this site really late so I am pretty sure there is only four hours left on this shirt (well, four for me anyways. I don't know if they do it by time zones, so it might be gone for some people who are in the future.) That is really all I wanted to say. So if you want a Pikachu to match your Poriwhirl, that is the place to go!