PKMN of the Week: Crawdaunt

Crawdaunt is a very powerful, violent Pokémon. Its strong pincers allow it to use moves such as ViceGrip and even Guillotine. Crawdaunt often wildly flails its pincers, and also may use them to pick up and toss other Pokémon out of its pond. Due to its proficiency with its sharp pincers, Crawdaunt may possess the ability Hyper Cutter. Its tough outer armor also enables it to have a sturdy defense, which can be seen with its ability Shell Armor. As a Water-type, Crawdaunt can also use Water-type moves such as Bubble and BubbleBeam.


  • Crawdaunt's original name was Lobstar, referring to the star on its head and the word lobster.
  • Crawdaunt is the only dual-typed Pokémon that has Adaptability.