Why You Need to Start Playing Pokémon.

Pokémon Red and Blue arrived September 30th, 1998. It was one of the best selling Gameboy games of it's time. Overall, Pokémon Red and Blue sold a little over 20 million copies worldwide. Keep in mind, this was before the digital age of iPhones, Kindles, and Tablets that we live in now. A Gameboy with a copy of Red and Blue was the coolest thing in your pocket back in 1998 and the millions of copies out there showed that. 

Fast forward to 2010, almost a complete 12 years later and in less then 30 days Pokémon Black/White will be arriving in Japan (March 2011 for North America). Besides the TV Shows, Movies, Toys, Trading Card Games, Pokémon is one of Nintendo's best selling franchises in today's game market. Out of the top selling video games (source) this year, HeartGold falls in the number 7 spot and SoulSilver ranked up to the number 2 spot. That's pretty impressive, eh?

More importantly out of all that, you probably want to know why you need to start playing? Here you go:

1. Look at the top 10 list of best selling video games this year. Well, two Pokémon games take up that chart. You should be playing what everyone is playing. It's okay, you'll be considered cool for once. 

2. Remember back in the day when you picked a Squirtle over a Bulbasaur, and everyone you hated picked a Charmander... well you can experience that all again with over 493 different Pokémon. Nintendo jumped the count of 151 originals monster to 493 now. Why? Why not! The new Pokémon fit in perfect with the old and there has to be something you are bound to like. 

3. Tons of places are offering sales on both DSs and Pokémon Games. For example: If you buy a DSi XL at Target right now, you get a Pokémon game FREE with purchase. Amazon and Best Buy have changing deals too. Sweet, right?

4. You should play Pokémon because you like to collect things. 493 to be exact.

5. In case you've been under the rock for the last 12 years... Pokémon is one of the BEST Role Playing Games (RPG) you could ever play. There is tons of strategy, techniques, and fun to be had. It's a turn based game like chess, but mixed with a bit of rock, paper, scissors. Yes, we meshed the two!

6. You can finally start playing again because we run this awesome Podcast and Website. Here is where we are building a community for Trainers to meet, talk, and have fun. It's an experience that will keep on growing!

Convinced? You should be! Pokémon wasn't a fad, it's a great game that is here to stay.