Saturday Sketch


 This week we are featuring "Metagross" by Tomiokajiro.

This image is kind of on the old side but was shown to me rather recently. I picked it on the off chance that someone else hadn't seen this yet and beside that it's an amazing picture (:

I love this not only because it's done well but because it's just so amusing! We've got Metagross here trying to get through traffic, its trainer is using its flat head as a sort of office and using Magnemites as a power source! I could stare at this for hours just taking in all of the detail going on in the background as well.

If you could pick one Pokemon to have in real life what would it be? What if you were stuck in traffic like Metagross here or some other situation of annoyance? What would you do?

As I stated on the podcast, I didn't get any submissions this week for the User Feature. If you've got some art you'd like to share or even an image you really enjoy, feel free to send it to

Hope everyone has had a great week!